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Thanks for visiting Simply Natural Beauty Tips! I’m your host, Germaine 🙂


This blog is for the woman who wants to simplify her skincare routine all while getting healthier, more vibrant skin. Yes, that is truly possible. And it boils down to supporting and nourishing the skin on the inside and outside.

That’s why this blog is full of content on how to how to eat for clear skin, as well as tips on how to use (primarily) natural ingredients for acne, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and more.

All of the info I’m sharing with you comes from what I do as a 40-something woman to maintain healthy skin. Other than using my favorite eyebrow pencil, I am a makeup-free woman. So, I’m always optimizing my diet and skincare routine to help me get the healthiest skin possible. I hope you find some helpful tips in everything I share with you.


I’m a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, yoga teacher and natural skincare enthusiast. I specialize in hormone health and my approach to nutrition always takes into account the role of hormones (since it has a huge impact on our skin!).

I have an extensive background in various sciences (both computer science and natural sciences). I worked in the tech industry for over a decade, traveled extensively – including a six-year stint living in France – and eventually left all of that to explore the things I really enjoy: writing and holistic living.

I look forward to sharing everything that I’ve learned from books, my own experiments and several years of studying natural sciences at college-level (organic chemistry, physiology, anatomy and more). I hope this content helps you take your skin to the next level, without a whole lot of struggle!

xo, Germaine

NOTE: this blog is not focused on vegan, cruelty-free, green or organic products. Although those types of products are recommended from time to time, they’re not the main focus. In addition, while the goal is to provide recommendations for natural products and ingredients, there are also times when synthetic products may be recommended simply because they can sometimes be less harsh than natural ingredients (for example, vitamin C derivatives are gentler for some skin types than pure vitamin C aka ascorbic acid).