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Thanks for visiting Simply Natural Beauty Tips! I’m your host, Germaine 🙂

I’m an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and yoga teacher, with a B.Sc. in Computer Science as well as several years of study in the natural sciences (organic chemistry, physiology, anatomy and more). Basically, I’m a geek who’s passionate about healthy living and pampering the skin from the inside and the outside.

This blog is for the woman who prefers natural products, be it store-bought or made in her kitchen. It’s also for the woman who values quality and simplicity, and wants to take an integrative approach to beauty (i.e. diet + topical products).

So, whether it’s gut health, clay masks, herbs, stress, essential oils or the liver, this blog is your holistic skin care resource. I will be sharing my favorite DIY recipes as well as skin care brands that are mostly natural (unfortunately, there are no strict rules about what “natural” is and it’s up to each consumer to decide which ingredients they feel comfortable using).

I hope you find the content helpful and inspiring!

xo, Germaine

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